“3 stars”-The Buffalo News

The “book” is complex but intriguingly insightful. Buffalo audiences will get it. Matthew LaChiusa’s ART troupe is not afraid of risk, and “Hello Again” is yet another example.Director Jeffrey Coyle’s cast is a mix of the young, the beautiful and the savvy: Katy Miner, Steven Brachmann, Carolyn Lansom, Marc Sacco, Candice Kogut, Thomas LaChiusa, Michael Wachowiak, Matthew Mooney, Shayna Raichilson-Zadok and...Robert Ernie Insana. The group moves well in the small ART basement, dominated by a raised, symbolic, circular acting space designed by Matthew LaChiusa; a great deal of “contact” occurs here.”-Ted Hadley, The Buffalo News
(Candice Kogut with Marc Sacco)

The first 2014-15 season production featured the fully produced premier of the saucy roundabout HELLO AGAIN.

This WNY debut featured an amazing ensemble of talent opening with Steve Brachmann as The Soldier engaging under a streetlamp with The Whore, portrayed by Katy Miner, and in turn finds himself in 1944 with The Nurse, played by Carolyn Lansom. The Nurse turns to 1960 were she is hired to "care" for The College Student played by Marc Sacco. Their scene leads to a movie house meeting between The College Student and The Young Wife (voted "Most Likely to Succeed”) portrayed by Cadice Kogut. After becoming "morally bankrupt” The Young Wife finds herself in 1954 with The Husband, played by Thomas LaChiusa, in a beautiful yet abstract scene where the mirror reflects who she is inside. On board the Titanic in 1912 finds the Husband having champagne and chocolates with The Young Thing portrayed by Michael Wachowiak. After being seduced aboard a sinking ship, The Young Thing escapes to a discotheque in the late 70's into the arms of The Writer, played by Matthew Mooney, who sets the next scene in the making of a 1920's silent movie featuring the "overpowering will" of The Actress portrayed by Shayna Raichilson-Zadok. The Actress then finds herself in 1980 attempting to seduce The Senator played by Robert Ernie Insana. In the final scene, The Senator phones his passion into The Whore and reaches across time to embrace her as all say "hello again" in the end.

Directed by Jeff Coyle with music direction by Bret Ruyen.