Rust Belt Grotesque

April 30th-May 23rd
Rust Belt Gross-3

The 2014-15 season wraps up with a evening of local playwrights offering up their take on regional history in a showcase entitled RUST BELT GROTESQUE. Accomplished playwrights James Marzo and Mark C Lloyd joins Artie nominated Justin Karcher (DEAD ENGLISH) and Artie winner Matthew LaChiusa (RED CLAY) in an evening of twists and turns of individuals and stories rooted in macabre side of Western New York's past.

RUST BELT GROTESQUE is best described by playwright Justin Karcher, "The Buffalo experience is not one that can be summed up by just simply a positive or negative news story, but by the penicillin grime in the cracks of the city, by the gonorrhea gleam in the gaze of our shadow history. If our lives are grotesque, then we must embrace this grotesqueness. We’re freaks and must shout out that we’re freaks." Promising an evening of alternative views on the region's history, Karcher explains why. 'Like those Southern writers, we write about freaks, because we’re still able to recognize what they look like…freaks haunted by false hope, chased by a history they shouldn’t repeat, taunted by an unsure future... RUST BELT GROTESQUE is an exploration of Buffalo’s freakish literary and historical identity."

RUST BELT GROTESQUE opens April 30th and runs to May 23rd.