2008-09 Season


Alaina Renee Miller

Brian Beryns; Hugh Davis; Jacob Albarella

Marie Costa;
Andrew Michalski; Drew Piatek
"Angel in Black"


Man Who Came to Dinner

Christopher Standart as
Sheridon Whiteside

March/April 2009
Love the ART in You
Local Playwright Showcase
An Evening of 3 One-Acts
The Smoking
Gun Trio
Since 2000 under the umbrella of Morphine Hearts Productions, Matthew LaChiusa (ART’s Executive/Artistic Director) has been a supporter of local playwrights. Some of these playwrights and works included Scott Kurchak’s My Life as an Ape, Anthony Cardinale’s Dreamers in a Peanut Butter Factory, Tim McPeek’s The Ditch and Timothy Hobin’s Ubi Sunt. In keeping with this support, American Repertory Theater of WNY is proud to be producing local playwrights through the Love the ART in You one-act showcase for local playwrights.

Alongside Matthew LaChiusa’s dark comedy, Angel in Black, debut of Artie Award winning playwright Mark Humphrey’s Mechanics, three monologs by Cindy Darling, and presented in the first two weeks, Michael Votta’s, Dirty Laundry
Drew McCabe
Matthew LaChiusa
Chris Standart

Alaina Renee Miller, Andrew Michalski, Marie Costa, Drew Derek, Hugh Davis, Brian Bernys, Jacob Albarella

November/December 2008
The American Classic Series
The Man Who Came to Dinner
Written By George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart

2008-09 ARTIE NOMINATED FOR BEST MALE LEAD--Christopher Standart

"The play requires a large cast and breakneck pace. Under the direction of Jeanne Cairns, American Rep has produced a surprisingly smart and satisfying production.

Christopher Standart is perfectly cast and divinely hilarious as devious Sheridan Whiteside. His confident and deft comic performance as a man we love to loathe provides an anchor for this production.

Kelly Ferguson Moore is similarly marvelous as level-headed and unflappable Maggie. A practical girl, as comfortable with a small-town reporter as she is with Mahatma Ghandi or Noel Coward, her portrayal is lovable, affecting, and consummately convincing. We totally believe that she is the one person in the world who can melt self-centered Whiteside’s heart.
The play is chockablock full of delightful character roles and these have been filled with an abundance of talent.
Kathleen Betsko-Yale is wonderful as Mrs. Stanley, whose giddy delight at having a celebrity in the house is quickly worn down to beleaguered angst under the weight of his preposterous tyranny. Ronald J. Leonardi provides charming puff and bluster as Mr. Stanley, a man who is not destined to be the king of his own castle.
Lisa Ludwig is flawlessly over-the-top as glamorous man-trap, Lorraine Sheldon, the Broadway diva brought to Mesalia to bust things up between Maggie and her beau. Jeffery Coyle is charming as that beau, Bert Jefferson. Jon Kaczorowski provides zany glee as Harpo Marx knock-off, Banjo; and Doug Crane offers sterling English sophistication and mischievousness as Noel Coward clone Beverley Carlton. Darleen Pickering Hummert is otherworldly and perfect as Harriet Stanley. Jennifer Fitzery effectively slides into emotional breakdown as harried Nurse Preen.
It’s a big cast...The tremendous success of mounting this expansive and entirely enjoyable comedy. In addition to those mentioned, Tim Voit and Alaina Miller are appealing as the Stanley children; as are Daniel Greer and Lisa DelVecchio as the game Stanley family servants. Joy Scime, Jim Maloy, Ian Cap, and J.R. Finan also excel as a variety of characters."
Anthony Chase