2009-10 Season


Gary Darling; Darryl Hart;
Jacob Albarella

Paul "Boomer" Bene;
Gary Darling


Andrea Andolina

John Kaczorowski
Tara Kaczorowski
Peter Jaskowiak

Michael RennaPatrick Cameron


Chris Standart/Thomas LaChiusa

Love the ART in You

May 2010
The Rebel Yell Series
The Last Meeting of
the Knights of the White Magnolia

Written ByPreston Jones
The final production in the 2009-10 season featured a cantankerous assembly of old-timers gathering for the last time as they try to keep the "old ways" together in a small Texas town. Preston Jones' "The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia" is a tongue-and-cheek comedic and absurdist look at a group of characters gathering not to preserve the "old ways" of racial segregation but to drink and play cards. 

Directed by Matthew LaChiusa

Darryl Hart, Drew Piatek, Joe Dicesare,
Gary Darling, G Antone Moore
Jacob Abarella, John F Kennedy,
Michael O'Hear, Paul Bene


“It takes a great deal of energy, a renewable supply of hate and a certain brand of penetrating ignorance that is hard to come by and even more difficult to maintain over the course of a lifetime. Despite those steep challenges, millions of people manage to do it. But most, like the characters in Preston Jones’ “The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia,” simply allow their once fiercely held views about racial purity to soften into a sort of bland tapioca of prejudice.

But does this lack of drive make these people any less racist, or any less insidious? This question, whether or not the playwright intended it, sits at the heart of this well-written, solidly constructed and nicely acted comedy in a production by the American Repertory Theatre of Western New York. It is directed by Matthew LaChiusa.

“There’s L. D. Alexander (Darryl Hart), leader of the Knights of the White Magnolia, a crumbling offshoot of the Ku Klux Klan that disintegrates over the course of a meeting in which a new member (Jacob Albarella) is to be inducted. He is joined by Olin Potts (the endlessly amusing Joe DiCeasare), Rufe Phelps (Michael David O’Hear), the fiery racist Red Grover (the booming Paul Bene), drunk Skip Hampton (Drew Piatek, a gifted actor), the inept Milo Crawford (unconvincingly played by John F. Kennedy) and the half-senile Colonel Kincaid (Gary Darling).” --Colin Dabkowski,
The Buffalo News

March 2010
The Local Playwright Series
Written By Matthew LaChiusa
ARTIE Award Winner
2009-10 Emanuel Fried Award
for Best New Play

Directed By Drew McCabe


John Kaczorowski, Peter Jaskowiak, Tara Kaczorowski,
Chris Standart, Andrea Andolina, Patrick Cameron, Michael Renna


"The creative LaChiusa has written an interesting story, populated with remarkably fleshed-out characters. There's a Gomer here, a Goober there, an overdone sex kitten...but in the main, real people saying real things."
--Ted Hadley, Buffalo News

"Quite Satisfying...Quite Engaging...Strong cast”---Anthony Chase, WBFO Theatre Talk 

"Red Clay is a fine work...It’s never boring and has a style of its own that engages the audience. The play is simply a dramatic shot wrapped in a vernacular blanket.  LaChiusa’s pen and McCabe’s direction worked very well together. Overall, Red Clay is an exercise in dramatic turnarounds and Southern style, and it is done well..." Josh Q Newman, UB Spectrum

"RED CLAY  gets your attention early and gradually, eventually, turns ugly, brutal and violent. LaChiusa may be a fledgling writer but he's already skilled; he can keep you guessing....The acting is superior." -- Ted Hadley, Buffalo News 

"(The) dialogue is often witty and driven. It propels the action forward and gives the characters just enough room to breathe.  LaChiusa's pen and McCabe's direction worked very well together."
 ---Josh Q Newman, UB Spectrum

"...(The) acting is superior...Peter Jankowiak, always so precise, nails old Bill and Christopher Standart, conniving and cackling, is stellar as Joe. The Bill and Joe scenes, nefarious, hurtful, evil, are brilliantly brought to life...Tara Kaczorowski, excellent as Ruby in her Buffalo stage debut."
--Ted Hadley, Buffalo News

Original Music Underscoring written by
Bob Kupczyk and Matthew LaChiusa

Music Performed by Dick Whiskey
from their new CD
"Drunkard's Lullaby"

November 2009
The American Classic Series
Greater Tuna

Written By
Jaston Williams, Joe Sears
and Ed Howard.

The 2009-10 American Repertory Theater of WNY, Inc season included the outrageous Americana comedy "Greater Tuna", written by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard. It brings the creative acting talents of Chris Standart and Thomas LaChiusa to task as they embody 20 different characters.

Artie Award Nominated Chris Standart
Regional Theatre Pro Thomas LaChiusa
Directed by Thomas Dooney


Anthony Chase--Artvoice TV