ART/WNY wants to thank the following for their efforts:
Kerilea Butler
Tabitha Ormsby
Jamie Nablo Lama
Lauren Millman
Andrew Prinzing
Thomas LaChiusa
Mark C Lloyd
Oliver Gross

June 16. 2013 206
In June 2013, the American Repertory Theater of WNY had a decision to make. Either move out of the current location of Bittner Hall in the Church of the Ascension and begin looking for a new space or take up an invitation to work out of the Church’s basement space that was once a home for a dance company, but now has fallen into a precarious state of repair.
June 16. 2013 231

Not wanting to go through the process of finding new home and falling behind in planning for the 2013-14 season, ART/WNY took the offer to renovate this space.

Armed with bleach, brooms and elbow grease, a dedicated ART/WNY crew began the renovation of this basement space in attempts to turn it into a theater production space.

In a span of four nights, this crew turned a musty, cobwebbed basement into an empty space ripe for potential.

By late July, the space began to take on a shape of a performance space when black curtains were hung, a theater grid was installed and the basement floor was painted.

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In August most of the renovation was complete with a few finishing touches left as ART/WNY prepared for the September 2o13 Curtain Up! show, BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON. The last bit of renovations were made, the theatrical set was in place and ART/WNY opened its doors to the new performance space, ART in the Box, on September 19th, 2013, and had two successful seasons in this space.

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