Poetry Series

Broadcast #28
WNY Poets
Recorded poets from a recent American Rep Theater of WNY's literary series featuring writers from Buffalo's steel bellow publishing magazine, Living Poets Society and other poets.

Recorded Poets include Jeffrey Charles Nash (pictured below), Katheryne Henderson, Paige Malone, Fred Whitehead (pictured left), Michael Fanelli, Richard Kurwan, Eddie Gomez, Betty Rhett, Annie O'Neal and John Cuttio.


An Evening of Poetry

Phone Oct Nov 2013 038
(Fred Whitehead)

Separated at birth, poetry and theater will be reunited with the new poetry reading series featuring Western New York writers.

The 2013-2014 season introduced several literary events to ART. Open readings, a book fair and a ladies night of poetry. It once again expanded our mission statement to expand the arts to our ever growing audience

Last season a diverse group writers such as Jeffrey Charles Naish, Fred Whitehead, Eternal Pleasure, John Cuitto, Tara Havern, Sinead Tyrone, Bruce McCausland, Shawnell Tillery, and Mark C LLoyd shared poetry and prose to enthusiastic audiences on open reading nights. No Frills Publishing House Writers joined us for a one night book fair to read and do book signings. In January eight talented women came together to read from their works for two nights of three hour shows hosted by Buffalo’s talented Kim Piazza.

The 2014-2015 seasons already has open readings set up for October 18th, November 29th and December 27th. The day after black Friday is a perfect time to relax with literary friends. Many of the same talented writers will be featured on these evenings.

This and many more literary surprises are to come.

Know the literary ART in you!

Scheduled Readings:
8:00 pm
Suggested Donation of $5

ART in the BOX
16 Linwood Avenue