On January 19th, 2007, American Repertory Theater of Western New York, Inc receives incorporation status from NY State and in the spring, May 21st, American Repertory Theater of Western New York, Inc is officially granted Non-For-Profit status receiving a Federal 501 C3 certification.

As part of the 2007 Curtain Up! celebration American Repertory Theater throws a debutant party at the Town Ballroom, located in Buffalo, New York. The evening featuring an original one-act
Superhero Blues musical acts "Caribbean Extravaganza" "Barroom Buzzards", "Dick Whiskey" and Grammy nominated recording artist Vanessa Carlton.

In its inaugural season, ART has two shows up for region's award ceremony, called the ARTIE Awards, for outstanding facets of Buffalo theater. Axeman's Jazz is nominated for "Best New Play" and The Rose Tattoo is nominated for "Best Ensemble". ART begins it second season (2008-09) with a production of Kaufman and Hart's The Man Who Came to Dinner. The production earns ART with another ARTIE nomination for "Best Ensemble" and Chris Standart, who plays the lead role of Sheridan Whiteside, receives an ARTIE nomination for "Best Actor". Later in in the 2008-09 season, ART produces a local playwright one-act showcase entitled The Smoking Gun Trio to critical acclaim.

ART concludes its third season with artistically successful productions of the original full-length, RED CLAY, written by Matthew LaChiusa and directed by ARTIE Nominated Drew McCabe, and the controversial dark comedy, The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia. The latter draws large audiences that are entertained by the compelling acting of Gary Darling with rich character work of Darryl Hart, Drew Piatek among others. ART receives its first local award for excellence in regional theater. In the 20th anniversary ceremony of the ARTIE Awards, Matthew LaChiusa wins the Emanuel Fried Outstanding New Play award for his work, RED CLAY. Christopher Standart also receives his fourth (ART related) nomination for his costume design.

The fourth season (2010-11) comes to both a successful artistic and financial end, as ART presents three out of four productions that are rated 3 stars by The Buffalo News. This season marks the beginning associations with Buffalo East, 1410 Main Street, and ART’s pursuit to find a permanent home.

ART opens it fifth season with the critically acclaimed production of Americana musical Floyd Collins. The production receives 3 1/2 stars from The Buffalo News and marks a significant moment in ART’s artistic history with a musical production. The work later receives an Artie Award for Best Ensemble as Jeffrey Coyle and Steven Copps win individual awards for Best Director and Best Actor in a Musical.

The sixth season brought ART/WNY to a new performance space at Bittner Hall (16 Linwwod Avenue) and historical debuts of
First Lady Suite by accomplished American musical theater writer, Michael John LaChiusa. The production received a modest nomination for Best Ensemble and a Best Supporting Actress nomination going to Jackie Davis. Productions The Guys and Moonlight and Magnolias both receive 3 stars reviews from The Buffalo News

ART continues to produce solid theatrical works with a dedication to supporting local talent through producing original works or giving opportunities to unknown or unproven designers, directors or acting talent.

In 2007, the motto was created as patrons are invited to come grow with ART, its simple and cuts through any pretension:

Love the ART in You