As part of American Rep Theater of WNY’s mission statement, ART will serve as a catalyst for community dialogue and action that will result in sustained economic growth and increase the collaboration within all sectors of our community.

ART strongly believes that Theater should be a source of entertainment and cultural diversity for the community, and, of equal importance, should also serve the community outside the stage.

ART is proud to continue this commitment to the community by establishing programs which reflect the mission statement:

The Christmas Toy Drive for Bornhava

American Rep Theater of WNY has been proud to dedicate a night where patrons could bring in a toy for a discounted ticket price. In turn this toy found its way into the arms of a happy child at the Bornhava early intervention and preschool program aiding children with learning disabilities.

The Red-Ribbon Project
In Association with ARTVOICE

For several seasons, in association with ARTVOICE, ART/WNY has been asking patrons to donate to the Red-Ribbon Project as proceeds go to specific causes and organizations arranged through ARTVOICE. These campaigns are coordinated with the May/June shows and all proceeds are presented on the evening of regionals award for theatrical excellence, THE ARTIE AWARDS.