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2012 Shows

12/18/12 Broadcast #15-At the end of the world Broadcast
Special guest share their thoughts on the impending Mayan Apocalypse. Join Buffalo musician Bob Kupczyk, cast members of American Repertory Theater of WNY's JESUS HATES ME and Voices contributor Eric Evinczik as they offer their take on The End of Days. Local music featured Dick Whiskey. Other Apocalyptic music selections include Lords of the New Church, The Clash, REM and The Doors. (52:00) CLICK MAYAN

11/26/12 Broadcast #14-Interviews with Eric Evinczik and Angel Lee Lee
In this broadcast The Voices interviews Eric aka Easy E Evinczik as he responds to a Buffalo News article written by Arts Critic Colin Dabkowski. In the article Dabkowski offers his thoughts on local art exhibits over the fall season. Eric gives his take on these exhibits and the artists featured in the galleries. In the final interview of a three part series focusing on the 2012 presidential election, The Voices political analyst Angel Lee Lee offers her final thoughts on the recent election and offers some fashion tips to the winners and losers. Featured music in the broadcast is from local band Screamin' Lord Butch and His Howling Monkey Men. The Voices is offering one more opportunity for folks to take part in the Peoples Review. For more information on this project visit http://wnyvoices.info/reviews/pr.html (1:00) CLICK ANGEL LEE

10/30/12 Broadcast #13-Interviews with Steve Sitzman, the cast of The Dead English
The Voices of WNY Artist Internet Broadcast will be featuring an interview with castmembers of THE DEAD ENGLISH, Steven Copps, Anthony Alcocer, Jenny Kulwicki, Steven Brachmann and musical composer, Steven Sitzman as they discuss the production and share their thoughts on the process behind the project. Also featured are three live recorded musical numbers from THE DEAD ENGLISH including Young and English (sung by Steven Brachmann), Another Drink Please (Steven Copps and ensemble) and I Wanna Be An Ocean Tide (Hannah Sharp). Political Analyst Angel Lee Lee will also join The Voices to discuss her thoughts on the recent presidential debates and make a bold prediction on the election. Click THINK TWICE RADIO or you can download the series on iTunes or go to the website at http://wnyvoices.info/ (1:00) CLICK DEAD ENGLISH

2011 Shows

12/15/11 Broadcast #3-Eric Evinczyk; Joy Scime; Mike Randall
Featuring Buffalo Artist Eric Evinczyk as he offers his input on the thriving Buffalo Arts scene, Buffalo actor Joy Scime is the guest on the “Live From Buffalo East” segment of the program, and hosts Mark C Lloyd and Matthew LaChiusa interview WKBW's Mike Randall about his upcoming role as the legendary writer in Charles Dickens Presents: A Christmas Carol. Music featured in The Voices of WNY Artists is from Screaming Lord Butch and The Hollowing Monkey Men. For further information on being a guest on The Voices of WNY Artists Internet Broadcast or comment on the show please visit the website at www.wnyvoices.info or go to the Voices' Facebook Group Page. The Voices of WNY Artists is sponsored by Think Twice Radio and the American Repertory Theater of WNY, Inc. On behalf of all associated with the The Voices of WNY Artists, Happy Holidays and best wishes in the New Year. (1:00) CLICK HERE

10/13/11 Broadcast #2-Michael Simmons

The second Voices of WNY Artists internet broadcast features guest Michael Simmons of the Carolina Actors Studio Theater (CAST) located in Charlotte, NC. Interviewed on location at Buffalo East, Mr. Simmons discusses his theater company, the challenges facing 21st century theater and his take on Buffalo. Hosts Mark C Lloyd & Matthew LaChiusa wrap up the broadcast with a discussion about the recent production of American Rep Theater of WNY's FLOYD COLLINS, chicken wings, OktoberfreakFest and lederhosen. (1:00) CLICK HERE

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9/26/11 Broadcast #1-Voices Introduction
In this first Internet show, hosts Matthew LaChiusa and Mark C Lloyd discuss the upcoming ART of WNY 2011-12 season, Curtain Up! and the Buffalo poetry scene. Featured music: Intro & Outro Music “Pickin' & A Grinnin' By Matthew LaChiusa All Rights Reserved “The Ballad of Floyd Collins” Music and Lyrics by Adam Guettel From the musical FLOYD COLLINS All Rights Reserved “The Witch is a Bitch” Performed by Dick Whiskey all rights reserved For further information on the Voices of WNY Artists and to be a featured guest on the show, please go to http://wnyvoices.info/ or visit the Voices of WNY Artists Facebook page to listen (50:34) or click here.....for direct download right click here

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