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11/11/14 Broadcast #38-Interviews w/ regional actor Thomas LaChiusa & poet Jeffrey Charles Naish
The Voices is joined by regional actor Thomas LaChiusa who is played the role of John Proctor in American Repertory Theater's production of Arthur Miller's THE CRUCIBLE. Thomas chats about the role, the writing of Miller and offers his opinion about fair-wages for actors discussion. Mark C LLoyd joins the Voices in the second-half of the show with local poet Jeffrey Charles Naish. Jeffrey offers two of his literary work and song from his band, Murder City Outlaws. Direct mp3 download: LACHIUSA (60:00)

10/9/14 Broadcast #37-Interviews with Drew McCabe; Christopher Standart; Poets Fred Whitehead, Jeffrey C Naish; Bruce A. McCausland
The Voices join Buffalo-based director Drew McCabe and veteran Buffalo actor Christopher Standart as both discuss the current production of THE CRUCIBLE at the American Repertory Theater of WNY. Both also share their thoughts on American playwright Arthur Miller, his works and the reasons to why his theatrical works transcend through the generations. In the second half of the show, guest co-host Mark C LLoyd interviews local poets Fred Whitehead; Jeffrey C Naish and Bruce A McCausland as the all three kick-off a three-part individual interview series on The Voices. CRUCIBLE (60:00)

9/23/14-Broadcast #36 Interview with Katy Miner and Shayna Raichilson
The Voices sits with two Buffalo actors who have the regional distinction to perform in two productions of one of the 21st Century's most influential American Musical-Theater composer, Michael John LaChiusa. Shayna Raichilson Zadok and Katy Miner chat about their experiences with the musicals FIRST LADY SUITE and the current production of HELLO AGAIN at the American Repertory Theater of WNY as well as discuss the challenges of a complex musical score and their approaches to the roles they portray in both musicals. Highlighting the interview are musical excerpts from the original cast recording of HELLO AGAIN. With football season kicking-off, Angel Lee Lee also joins the Voices to give pointers on having a successful tailgating experience at the game. Direct download click TOM KITTEN (60:00)

8/23/14-Broadcast #35-Interview with Kurt Schneiderman
The Voices joins the founder and artistic director for the Buffalo based Subversive Theatre as well as one of the Founding Fathers of the Buffalo Infringement Festival, Kurt Schneiderman. Kurt chats about the origins of his company, the mission behind it, working with young actors, offers his thoughts on the 10 year mark of the Buffalo Infringement Festival, the influence of the media with regional arts and his favorite Saturday morning cartoon. (60:00) To Listen Click KURT

7/14/14-Broadcast $34-Buffalo Infringement Preview
The Voices celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the Buffalo Infringement Festival by highlighting performance acts featured during the BIF Press Release Party. Additionally, local playwrights Matt Boyle and Mark C LLoyd chat about their works BROTHERHOOD OF THE WHIRLPOOL BOX and MOON GLOW which will be part of the Local Playwright Showcase featured during the Buffalo Infringement Festival. Featured performers from the press-release party include Drums Along Hoyt Lake, guitar soloists Michael Criscione & Sara Elizabeth, Michelle Costa of TheatreFiguren, street poet MC Vendetta, soundscaper Steve Myers, theater representation by Subversive Theatre, Frank Canino & Ameherst Players doing a scene from Carol Alaimo’s work PRICK, performance artists Control the Red Boy, The Vintage Vaudeville Cabaret & Infringe on Fashion, with a skit and music cut “Philopater” from alt-rockers Autoverse. (54:00) For direct download click BIF For more info on BIF schedules and performances please visit www.infringebuffalo. org.

6/2/14-Broadcast #33 Interview with Singer/Songwriter Bill Smith
The Voices heads to Buffalo's Cobblestone District and joins singer/songwriter Bill Smith live from The Buffalo Iron Works before his band Ten Cent Howl plays a gig. Bill chats about the band, his influences behind the music he writes and the Buffalo music scene. Cuts from the band's first album Dreamscape Americana highlight the interview and include the songs "Are We Fine", "One Arm Dance", "For a Long Time", "The Fad", "Face of an Angel", "Watching the Sun" and "Love". (47:00) Click HOWL for direct download

5/8/14-Broadcast #32-Interview with Gabriel Robere and David Mitchell
In show #32, the Voices chats with WNY actors Gabriel Robere and David C Mitchell as they discuss their roles in American Repertory Theater of WNY's current production of the original play, SHINE. Joining them are co-directors Maura Nolan and Mark C Lloyd as both offer their input on the challenges of directing a new work and additional tasks they faced during the production. As a special guest, WNY actor and musician Carolyn Lansom sings a lover's lullaby from SHINE. Dialog from SHINE highlights the interview that features Michael Leszczynski, Michael Wachowiak, Mitchell, Robere and Lansom. Also joining the Voices broadcast are featured guests Angel Lee and The Reverend Johnny Scotch as the two offer the pros and cons of moonshine. (60:00) Click SHINE for direct download.

4/2/14-Broadcast #31-Interview with Sam Ferrente; Nate Halloran
Joining the Voices is Online theater critic/journalist, Sam Ferrante, as she discusses the online website for WNY theater, Buffalo Theatre News and her role as the managing editor for the site. She also offers thoughts on online media versus print media, the potential impact and how online media can benefit the Arts. In the second half of the show, improv comedy instructor Nate Halloran shares his background, thoughts on comedy improve and how his classes in the field can improve upon one's dramatic arts skills. (60:00) Click Media for direct download.

3/1/14-Broadcast #30-Interview with WNY Actors Maura Nolan and Leo Dibello
Buffalo actors Maura Nolan and Leo Dibello join the Voices to discuss their roles in the American Repertory Theater of WNY's production of Michael Gazzo's A HATFUL OF RAIN. Both also share their thoughts on processing the roles and the challenges they face with being a young actor in Buffalo, NY. The interview also features recorded rehearsals of the production featuring actors Hugh Davis, Victor Morales, Raphael Santos, Steve Brachmann and Bryan Figueroa. The Voices salutes the end of Carnival season with a passage from the book of Louisiana folklore GUMBO YA YA. The piece focuses on the legendary Baby Dolls of New Orleans. Featured readers are Betsy Bittar, Gail Golden and Deborah Krygier. For more information visit www.artofwny.org (60:00) Click HATFUL for direct download

2/1/14-Broadcast #29-Interviews with Keith Wharton; Angel Lee Lee
Joining the Voices is managing director for Western New York based Kaleidoscope Theatre, Keith Wharton. He shares his thoughts on the company, the plans in store for Kaleidoscope and Keith expresses his opinions on the local theater scene with thoughts on the media's impact on WNY arts community. In getting with the spirit of Carnival season, the show features one of Voice's favorite guests Angel Lee Lee. She chats about the Mardi Gras and introduces her new drink for it “the polar vortex”. (1:00) Click Colin for download

1/6/14--Broadcast #28-Interview with WNY Poet Tara Heavern; Recorded WNY Poets
The first show of the 2014 broadcast year features poets from Western New York. Hosts Matthew LaChiusa and Mark C Lloyd highlight recorded poets from a recent American Rep Theater of WNY's literary series featuring writers from Buffalo's steel bellow publishing magazine, Living Poets Society and other poets. Recorded Poets include Jeffrey Charles Nash, Kathryn Henderson, Paige Malone, Fred Whitehead, Michael Fanelli, Richard Kurwan, Eddie Gomez, Betty Rhett, Annie O'Neal and John Cuttio. In the second half of the broadcast, Mark C Lloyd interviews WNY poet Tara Heavern as she discusses her poetry and the inspiration behind her writing. The interview is highlighted by selected poetry readings from Tara. Download the Voices by clicking POETRY (1:00)

12/1/13-Broadcast #27-Interviews with Elaine Heckler, Gary Darling and the Brazen Faced Varlets
The last Voices broadcast of the year features co-producer of the local production company, FEARLESS PLAYERS, Elaine Heckler, as she discusses her company and the December production of THE EIGHT: REINDEER MONOLOGS. Established WNY actor and director, Gary Darling joins the broadcast and chats about his life in theater and offers his thoughts on the Buffalo theater scene and gives advice to young actors. Closing out the show are company members of the Brazen Faced Varlets including Artistic Director Lara Harberberger as they give an overview of the company and announce upcoming plans. The interview is highlighted by Kerry Alsheimer's original BEFORE THE SUMMER COMES sung by her and the BFV company. CLICK REINDEER to listen (54:00)

11/1/13--Broadcast #26--Interview with Mark Humprhey, Hugh Davis and Robert Ernie Insana
The Voices sits with Western New York playwright Mark Humphrey and the writer discusses his original full-length play about the legendary blues singer, Robert Johnson entitled LITTLE ROBERT being presented at the American Repertory Theater of WNY. The interview is highlighted by live performances of the piece. In the second half of the broadcast actors featured in LITTLE ROBERT, Hugh Davis and Robert Ernie Insana, discuss the play, how they got involved in theater and Robert Ernie Insana picks up his guitar and plays a couple of tunes for the Voices. Click ROBERT to listen. (1:00)

10/2/13--Broadcast #25--Interview with Musicians Billy Horn and Rosemarie Lorenti
The Voices of WNY Artists Internet Broadcast has Mark C Lloyd commandering the internet voice waves with an interview with musician/actor/musical director for American Rep Theater of WNY's production of BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON, Billy Horn. Joining both Mark and Billy is bandmember Rosemarie Lorenti as all three discuss how they became involved and what influenced them to get into music, their band BILLY DRAW TWO, the current production of BB AJ both Rosemarie and Billy are part of and discuss songs they acoustically recorded for The Voices. Music heard on the broadcast include "Ode to Julie Andrews", "Trophey Wife", "She Said No", Anthem For A Thousand Dying Robots" acoustic version of "SMS", "Climbing Fences" from BILLY DRAWS TWO's album WHOAS AND HEYS. Billy also plays an acoustic version of "Populism, Yeah Yeah" from Alex Timbers and Michael Friedman's BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON. Additional music came from Robert Johnson including "Hellhound on my Trail, "Sweet Home Chicago" & “32-20”. Click BILLY HORN to listen (1:00)

9/1/13--Broadcast #24--Interview with Actor/Director Jeffrey Coyle
The Voices sits down with the director of the upcoming Curtain Up! production of the punk-rock musical BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACSKON by the American Repertory Theater of WNY. Director Jeffrey Coyle chats about the show, working with the cast, Andrew Jackson's controversial history and the music of the production. Recordings of the musical with ART/WNY cast members include "I'm Not That Guy" with Steve Copps, "Populism Yeah Yeah" with Billy Horn, "Illness is a Metaphor" featuring Renee Landgrin, Steve Copps, Matthew Mooney, Steve Sitzman. "Second Nature" with Sitzman. Selections from the original cast recording of BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON include "Rock Star”, "The Hunters of Kentucky", "Ten Little Indians" and "The Corrupt Bargin". To listen click Bloody Bloody

8/17/13-Boradcast #23-Inteview with Emily Cutler & Connor Graham, Steel Bellows Poetry Reading
The Voices joins young playwright Emily Culter from Buffalo Canalside after her play "The Awkward Hookup" premiered at the ART/WNY 2013 Young Playwrights Festival. Joining her is the director of the work, Connor Graham, and the two discuss the piece, how they got into theater and why they remain in it as young adults. The interview features live excerpts from the play featuring actors Richard Cole and Jamie Nablo. The Voices also takes a stroll during the 2013 Buffalo Infringement Festival and joins poetry publish group, Steel Bellows, for a poetry reading. Publisher Paige Holland offers her take on the organization and how they promote local poets. Recordings of poetry reading highlight the visit. (40:00) To listen click Steel Bellow

7/7/13-Broadcast #22-Interviews with Playwrights David Moran & Kalani Kaphu
The Voices of WNY Artists Internet Broadcast interviews the American Repertory Theater of WNY’s Young Playwrights Festival finalists, David J Moran and Kalani Kaphua, as they discuss their works, the inspiration behind the piece and how they got into writing for stage. Excerpts from Moran’s “Missed Signals” feature actors Jamie Nablo and Thomsa Sullivan, and Kaphua’s “Cut Like A Buffalo” features actors Justyne Harris and Claudia Gioa. An additional excerpt from finalist Matthew Kindley’s “10 Minutes” features the acting talents of Allan Trinca and Michael Leszczynski. To listen click PLAYWRIGHTS (45:00)

6/23/13-Broadcast #21-2012-13 Theater Season Recap with Mark Lloyd
The Voices of WNY Artists Internet Broadcast welcomes veteran Voices broadcaster Mark C Lloyd as he recaps the American Repertory Theater of WNY's 2012-13 season and offers his thoughts on the July Young Playwrights Festival sponsored by ART/WNY at Buffalo's Canalside. Also in the broadcast are on-location brief interviews with Buffalo theater personalities from the annual awards event celebrating theater excellence, the Arties. Comments from Kerilea Butler, Tabitha Ormsby, Thomas LaChiusa, Jamie Nablo, Lisa Marie Leone, Keith Wharton and Dan Shannahan are some of the highlighted folks. For more information on the Young Playwrights Festival click PLAYS (49:00)

5/22/13-Broadcast #20-Interview with Darwin McPherson
The Voices interviews Western New York Theater journalist, Darwin McPherson and shares how he became involved in previewing and promoting Buffalo Theater, his thoughts on the theater scene, the local awards program highlighting theater excellence (The Artie Awards) and hears his reaction to a interesting phone message left at the American Repertory Theater of WNY’s box office a few weeks following the Boston Marathon bombing. Total time 1:00 Click DARWIN

4/30/13-Broadcast #19-Interview with Gail Golden, Todd Fuller and Jamie nablo
The Voices joins writer, actor, director and film producer Gail Golden. Live from Bittner Hall, Gail discusses her career and the inspiration behind writing and producing the locally made feature-film, GIVE AND TAKE. Tapped by the American Repertory Theater of WNY to direct Ron Hutchinson's wickedly hilarious MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS, Gail is also joined by actors from the production, Todd Fuller and Jamie Fuller. All three discuss the work, the characters highlighted in the piece and their careers. Audio clips from the interview feature David C Mitchell, Todd Fuller, Jamie Nablo and Guy Wagner. For more information on MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS please visit www.artofwny.org (56:00) Click MAGNOLIAS

3/27/13-Broadcast #18-Talkback with Composer Michael John LaChiusa
The Voices of WNY Artists Internet Broadcast carted its rusty, musty analog dynamic mics to record a March 15th talk-back featuring the Tony and Drama Desk nominated and Grammy Award winning composer Michael John LaChiusa following and evening performance of his musical
FIRST LADY SUITE presented by the American Repertory Theater of WNY. In this historical first-ever WNY talk-back, Western New York native Michael John LaChiusa shares his thoughts on the piece, the inspiration that created the musical and fielded questions from audience members. Included in the talkback are music segments from the original cast recording of FIRST LADY SUITE. Total time 1:00.

2/4/13 Broadcast #17-Interview with Ron Kowalewski, Angel Lee Lee and Reverend Johnny Scotch
As part of Carnival celebration, The Voices is dedicating show #17 to the Mardi Gras season with an interview with Ron Kowalewski, accordionist/lead singer, for the Buffalo based Black Rock Zydeco as he discusses the band, Louisiana and Mardi Gras. Live recordings from Black Rock Zydeco's Milkie's Elmwood Lounge is feature throughout the interview including the band's original "Two-Step Gorilla". Voices special guest Angel Lee Lee returns with the legendary Reverend Johnny Scotch as the two discuss how to celebrate Mardi Gras. Music featured in the broadcast include File, Professor Longhair, Dixiedelics, Boozoo Chavis, Dash Rip Rock, Cowboy Mouth, with poetry by Josephine Copeland read by Arna Botempts, spoken word piece Mardi Gras Raven by Illusion Fields and a segment from "Gumbo Ya Ya" by Buffalo actor Gary Darling. (1:00) CLICK MARDI GRAS

1/21/13 Broadcast #16-Interview with Castmembers of JESUS HATES ME
The Voices visits castmembers from American Repertory Theater of WNY’s production of JESUS HATES ME live from Bittner Hall, in Buffalo NY, and discusses the show as they share their views on the characters, the script and add how they created the characters. Live segments from the production are included featuring the talents of Matthew Kindley, Maura Nolan, Priscilla Young Anker, Bryan Figueroa and Anthony Alcocer. As a first, The Voices is joined by University of Buffalo journalist, Peter Shapiro as he offers his questions to the castmembers. JESUS HATES ME is written by Wayne Lemon. For more information on the production please visit www.artofwny.org To Listen HERE (48:00)

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